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History of io games

All io games are very popular today. Many do not know that the beginning of this era was Agario. We can say that the creator of the .io genre was Matheus Valadares. He could not even imagine that his creation would become so demanded all over the world. In appearance, it was a simple game, which he created in just a couple of days. At the moment she is already more than two years old, and she is still very popular.
After Agario there were new .io games, which also did not stay aloof. They attracted the attention of millions of players from different countries. It was Slitherio and Diepio. These multiplayer games also became tops for a while. The secret of their success lies in their simplicity, the ability to play simultaneously many players and beautiful graphics.

What is .io games

This is a separate site, the code of which is embedded in the game itself. The convenience of .io games is that they do not need to be installed on a computer or any other gadget. You can open a browser, write a name in the address bar and play online. From the very beginning, you need to enter a nickname for the player to know in the process where your character is and do not get lost on the playing field. You can also go in as a guest who will be randomly assigned a number.
In some .io games you can be authorized through social networks, but this option is not approved by all. Also, they are all free, and it is liked by so many users. Sometimes developers add paid functions, but they are not required. This may be for example a steep skin, weapons or additional points on the player’s account.

Creating an .io Games list

Players start to get confused about what to play. To do this, io games list is created so that each user can pick up his entertainment faster, and he likes it. Over the years, you can collect more than 300 games, which need to be divided into categories. We try to make a convenient and understandable interface on the site, so that all visitors are satisfied. All io games we divided into separate folders. On the left in the sidebar are displayed the most popular games that we recommend to our users. From above, the best games that have been selected and voted by players on are displayed. Below you will see a line with new free applications, where you can read the rules, play online and leave your feedback. Even lower in front of you will be the io games list in which you will find many interesting things.
Your feedback is very important, and we recommend that you do them. This will help all new players to decide on the game, when it will have some sort of rating. Developers can contact us through the contact form, the link to which is at the bottom of the site. All io games are taken from different resources, they are freely available on the Internet. If anyone has questions, suggestions or complaints, please write to us. We always go to meet you!